Our Approach

Our approach stems back to days when we were still teaching the PADI courses. The customers, your students, the guys you were about to let loose on the world with their flippers and goggles, well, they needed to be properly trained. Certifications were earned, not merely issued.

Our Story

I remember the first time seeing a photograph of the iconic bow of the RMS Justica. I thought to myself, thats where I want to be, thus, technical and more specifically CCR diving became my focus.

Your Instructor


Stephen McElhone

Founder & Chief Instructor

Stephen is the main CCR Instructor. Diving since the year 2000, he is now an Instructor trainer for IART, he also teaches under PSAI & TDI.

Stephens passions in diving include deep wreck and exploration diving. He has taken part in many expeditions, diving to a maximum depth of 135m. He has also been involved in the production side of many television documentaries including diving safety officer on the RMS Lusitania, & documenting the ww1 and ww2 wrecks around Ireland.

I want to go there…

Do you want to visit the Justicia or one of the other wrecks featured in the gallery? Contact us for information on the training required

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